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Welcome to Kritin Global, your dependable source for unmatched study-abroad opportunities. We are study abroad consultants in India and are committed to assisting Indian students in realizing their aspirations of pursuing education in prestigious foreign institutions.

As one of the leading overseas education consultants in India, Kritin Global is dedicated to offering a wide range of study-abroad services, ensuring that students can turn their dreams into reality. We understand the hassles that a student has to face while applying for a student visa, that’s why we work to make your study abroad experience easy and gratifying with our in-depth knowledge and tailored advice.

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Discover Our Wide Range of Services for Indian Students
We at Kritin Global provide a wide range of services designed to satisfy the various demands of Indian students looking to pursue higher education abroad. Our offerings comprise the following:
Education Counselling

Based on your interests and career goals, our knowledgeable consultants offer personalised advice to help you select the best programme and college.

Application Process

We have a team of the best education consultants in India who work with you to ensure that all your applications are correct, comprehensive, and timely filed.

Scholarship Advice

We assist you in researching available scholarships, and our experts will offer you the best advice on obtaining funding for your international education.

Visa Application

Our professionals help you through the convoluted visa application procedure and make sure you have all the required paperwork and information.

Student health insurance

Our study abroad agencies in India will assist you in obtaining full-coverage health insurance to ensure your well-being in a foreign nation.

Student Housing

To ensure a comfortable stay abroad, we help you identify acceptable housing alternatives, whether they are university residence halls or private rentals.

Experience the Best of Overseas Education with Kritin Global

Join Kritin Global as we are here to take you on a remarkable educational adventure. We are the best study abroad consultants in India, and our team is dedicated to helping you explore the greatest chances for international education. We recognise that it is important for students to choose the appropriate educational route when looking to pursue their higher education in a foreign land. We are a team of the best abroad education consultants in India who can help you get into the most prestigious colleges around the world. We will help you explore your academic alternatives to achieve your educational objectives. To ensure a seamless transfer and an unforgettable study abroad experience, our team of committed specialists is ready to help you at every stage. Trust Kritin Global to uncover your full potential and open doors to a world of global opportunity.

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Why Choose Kritin Global for Your Study Abroad Journey?
  • Reliable Consultants As the top overseas education consultants in India, we have a track record of successfully assisting thousands of students in achieving their study abroad objectives.
  • Broad Network We offer a wide selection of options to fit your academic tastes, thanks to our extensive network of partner universities and institutions.
  • Personalised Approach By recognising the individuality of each student, we provide personalised counselling and assistance to ensure your study abroad experience is in line with your goals.
  • Comprehensive Services Our range of services includes every area of your study abroad experience, from educational counselling to visa help and student housing.
  • Easy Transitions Look for "study abroad consultants near me" or contact us at Kritin Global for all your administrative and logistical concerns. We help with easy transitions so you can make the most out of your experience.
Our Testimonials
Rajesh Patel

Choosing Kritin Global for my overseas education consultation was the best decision I made. Their team provided exceptional guidance, from helping me choose the right university to assisting with the visa process. Thanks to their expertise, I am now studying at my dream university in Australia. I highly recommend Kritin Global to anyone seeking reliable and professional study abroad services.

Neha Sharma

Kritin Global went above and beyond to make my study abroad experience exceptional. Their consultants provided me with a comprehensive list of universities and courses that aligned with my career goals. They guided me through the visa process, ensuring I had all the necessary documents. Thanks to Kritin Global, I am now studying at a prestigious university in the UK and couldn't be happier.

Arjun Singh

I had the pleasure of working with Kritin Global for my study abroad journey to Canada. Their team exhibited professionalism, expertise, and genuine care throughout the entire process. They assisted me in finding the perfect university, helped with the visa application, and even provided pre-departure guidance. Kritin Global made my transition seamless, and I highly recommend their services to anyone considering studying abroad.

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