Student Services

Discover Kritin Global’s Comprehensive Student Services

Kritin Global, one of the leading education and migration consultants in Australia, stands committed to providing a comprehensive suite of student services designed to address every concern related to studying abroad. Our services are personalised, catering to the distinct needs of each student. We understand that each student’s aspirations and educational journey are unique. Therefore, our team of experienced counsellors and consultants spend time understanding your goals and requirements, and accordingly, provide tailored assistance to ensure you have a smooth, rewarding journey.

Career Counselling: Charting Your Path to Success

Navigating through an array of courses and universities to pick the right one that aligns with your career aspirations can be daunting. At Kritin Global, we provide personalised career counselling services to guide you through this crucial decision-making process. Our dedicated team of career counsellors conduct detailed discussions about your interests, aptitude, and career goals. They provide invaluable insights into various career pathways, help identify the best courses and institutions that align with your professional aspirations, and empower you to make informed decisions about your educational journey abroad.

Admission Assistance: Simplifying Your Academic Journey

At Kritin Global, we understand how complex and overwhelming the admission process can be for prospective students. Hence, we offer comprehensive admission assistance to simplify your academic journey. Our team assists with every step of the admission process, right from understanding the entry requirements of your chosen course to filling out application forms, writing impressive SOPs, and preparing for interviews. With our admission assistance, you can be sure of a hassle-free, streamlined admission process that improves your chances of securing admission in your desired university.

Student Health Cover Insurance: Your Health Matters to Us

Studying abroad involves numerous unforeseen circumstances, and healthcare is a paramount concern among them. Our student health cover insurance service helps you to deal with any unexpected health issues while studying abroad. We guide students through the process of securing the right health insurance coverage as per the regulations of the host country. This service ensures that you can access necessary medical services without bearing the brunt of exorbitant healthcare costs overseas.

Changes Of Course/ College/ University: Flexible Study Options

Education is a dynamic journey, and students may sometimes need to change their course or institute for various reasons. Kritin Global offers expert advice and assistance in facilitating changes in your course, college, or university. Whether you want to change your major or switch universities, our team of registered education consultants in Australia provides all the necessary guidance to make your transition as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

On-Going Student Support: We’re Here Every Step of The Way

Our commitment to our students doesn’t end once they secure admission. At Kritin Global, we believe in providing on-going support to students throughout their academic journey abroad. Whether you need assistance with settling into a new country, finding accommodation, part-time job opportunities, or dealing with any other issues during your studies, we are here to provide you with all the necessary support.

Student Visa Application Extension/Renewal: Ensuring a Smooth Study Experience

Applying for a student visa and understanding the intricate immigration laws can be quite challenging. Our team of registered migration agents provides expert assistance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free visa application process. From the initial application to visa extensions or renewals, we guide you through every step, ensuring you meet all the requirements set by the immigration authorities.

Why Choose Kritin Global for Your Education and Migration Journey?

When you choose Kritin Global, you’re choosing more than an education consultant; you’re choosing a partner committed to making your study abroad dreams come true. Our team of registered migration experts and experienced education consultants in Australia provides personalised guidance tailored to your unique needs. Our extensive industry experience, coupled with our understanding of international education systems and visa processes, makes us uniquely positioned to provide the best advice and assistance. Trust Kritin Global to turn your international study and migration aspirations into reality. Join the Kritin Global family for a seamless, enriching, and rewarding study abroad experience.